Kazatomprom in 2017 allocated more than KZT 9 billion for measures on labor protection and environment

An annual meeting was held in Astana, where results of the work of the enterprises of NAC Kazatomprom JSC for 2017 on issues of labor protection, environment, radiation and nuclear safety were summed up.

Representatives of Kazatomprom’s subsidiaries and affiliates, concerned state and local executive bodies attended the event.

In 2017, the national atomic company adopted updated policy in the field of labor protection and environment, radiation and nuclear safety. The document defines the basic principles of safe and sustainable development, ensuring transparency of information on the state of production activities of enterprises and awareness of stakeholders.

Our company is the world’s leader in the natural uranium production. We aspire to take the leading position in the field of nuclear fuel supplies to the world market and this imposes the great responsibility on us. This is why we pay so much attention to safety at work, labor protection, human health and the environment. This is in line with our corporate values, where security takes a special place - noted Galimzhan Pirmatov, Chairman of the Executive Board of Kazatomprom in his welcoming speech.

The Company's priorities are employees' health and environmental safety of production activities aimed at applying modern methods and technologies recognized in international practice in the field of nuclear energy use.

 In 2017, Kazatomprom allocated over KZT 9 billion for labor and environmental protection measures, which is KZT 2 billion more than in 2016. The total gross emissions of pollutants in 2017 decreased by 10%, compared with the indicators of 2016. The decrease in emissions is due to the implementation of number of environmental measures, including the installation of additional gas cleaning equipment.

Manas Iskakov, HSE Department Director of Kazatomprom, said that 14 corporate standards have been developed within the business transformation program that cover all key aspects of occupational safety, which in turn will improve the management of target processes.

Appraisal of production facilities are carried out at all enterprises of Kazatomprom in timely manner, targeted measures are taken on labor protection, environment and radiation and nuclear safety

Following the results of the meeting, the winners of the annual contest among subsidiaries and affiliated organizations of NAC Kazatomprom JSC were identified and awarded. Those winners showed the best results in ensuring occupational safety. Such achievements have become possible due to the efforts of enterprise collectives to comply with modern standards of management of occupational safety and environmental protection.