Our Strategy

The strategic goals for JV Inkai LLP include:

  • Safety and Social Responsibility

Human safety, industrial safety and environmental protection are the foundation of our work. An important component of the Inkai’s management policy is a social responsibility and labor protection and industrial safety. The priorities of the Inkai’s social policy are: health, education, active lifestyle and social development.


  • Sustainable development

As a subsidiary of the world's two leading companies in the uranium field, Inkai is committed to a comprehensive and sustainable development, similar to its shareholders.


  • Raising the indicator of economical valued added (EVA)

The importance of this goal is predetermined by EVA rate complexity. The scaled improving of the rate will be the reflection of the Company’s reach of its top priority objectives in the main fields.


  • Lowering the finished products prime cost

The importance of this goal is predetermined by the prioritized controlling and lowering of manufacturing costs as the major controlled factor of business profitability.