JV Inkai LLP
Republic of Kazakhstan, 160021 Shymkent city, Madeli Kozha st. 1G, business center “ESKO”, 5th floor 
Office: +7 7252 997 182
Fax: +7 7252 997 183

     If you have witnessed any illegal actions of JV Inkai contractors, any state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (government officials), in particular in cases when you are offered (or solicited) any bribes, «kickbacks», benefits, presents, privileges etc. due to your work in JV Inkai or if you have become aware of such offers with regard to other employees of JV Inkai, you can report such unethical behavior via the following means of communication:

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Option 3

Call the Hotline:



8 702 075 30 30 (WhatsApp)


You can call the Hotline and either leave a message or talk to an operator in Kazakh, Russian or English.



Leave a message on the website:


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